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December 11, 2013
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HMLS: Khilian D. Faustus by S-hiki HMLS: Khilian D. Faustus by S-hiki
Thanks =Akirawr for the invite~
Feel free to RP with this bugger! * 3*

Name: Khilian D. Faustus
Nickname:Faux (Feel free to make one up//)

Age: 23
Position: Vicius of XI - England
Magus Tattoo Location: On his chest, above the heart
Real Life Job: Model
Gender: Male

Diskette x 4 - Slotted on each sides of his wrists and ankles. They're made to be very light for easy movement, which in turn reduces the severity of damages dealt to others. Faux can easily arm his weapons, which he usually leaves as in a disc-like disarmed state, with an easy flick whereby the retractable blades will slide out and form into a dagger shape. There are wires coiled within the disc which he can use for his puppeting skills. However, while his weapon is designed for his skills as a puppeteer (as it takes note of a puppeteer's weakness in close combat situations as well as it's light weight for easy maneuvering hence easier manipulations), he rarely ever uses his abilities as one and instead relies on the slight bit of wind magic he knows alongside with hand to hand combat skills.
✦ Puppetry - The use of puppet wires to control an object/person. This comes considerable easier for Faux to use more naturally, though he hardly ever uses such powers on people. He uses it for play and fun mainly because he finds it sort of immoral to use it on people. When he does however use it for offensive purposes, he usually attaches the wires on his Diskettes to the opponent by throwing the Diskette their way and having them return into his hands in a returning arc. The Diskettes will then function as a set of 'controllers'. However, it's easy to deflect his puppetry skills if one is knowledgeable enough and he is only able to control one person for a set limited period of time before getting exhausted. While controlling the 'puppet', he is mainly unable to defend himself well enough unless he uses the 'puppet' he is controlling.

✦ Hand-to-Hand(HTH) Combat Skills - Self-explanatory. Usually used to access an opponent's strength in the beginning before combining his HTH knowledge with the use of his Diskettes. This comes strongly into play when his weapons are knocked off his hands and legs, rendering him defenseless against others. 

✦ Wind Manipulation - Able to manipulate the wind, usually into tiny slices against opponents but it causes him to feel more exhaustion as he is required to gather more energy when using this skill which depletes his energy reserves quite a bit. His wind manipulation is mainly better utilized with his Diskettes, where he can minimize the effort and keep the wind steady while releasing an extra sharp edge around his weapon, which he can occasionally throw out at his opponents when in closer range. He uses it for close ranged attacks where he does not need to gather the energy to keep the wind slice in shape and in power.
Khilian D. Faustus. This was the name of the young child born to a pair of young couples who had poor planning skills and as it seemed, poor luck. He was treated with prejudice by the two, who had noticed the obvious tattoo of a key stained atop the chest of the little boy. Despite the two's disgust at giving birth unplanned to such a thing, they decided to raise him up, not being heartless enough to end the life of their flesh and blood. However because of his birth, they have ever since sworn off childbirth, afraid and horrified of the idea of giving birth to another vile child like Faustus.

Throughout the years, Faustus grew up on solitude, receiving only bare minimal support from his parents. As time passed and he peered out from his little window day after day, he found that he had started to grow resentment toward his parents. Why was he treated in such a manner, why did it had to be him, why didn't his parents hold him like how other did their their own child, why couldn't he go outside? And the questions never stopped, if anything, it kept coming at him as he noticed icily how his parents treated him. Was it because he could play with his toys? It was just playing wasn't it? Surely all children played like he did, moving them around and having them animated while he spoke to them (and spoke back to himself in a different pitch). Why did his parents have to give him that look when he did it, and even snatch his friends away!

Eventually at the age of 5, after much yelling, questioning and pestering, his parents finally gave him his answer. He was different, disgusting and a cursed child born with sorcery. That normal children shouldn't have a darn tattoo on their chests when they are born, nor were they able to animate their belongings with strings and such. With that they stormed out, locking him indoors while they did so. Angry, frustration and hurt, he stalked off to his bed, hiding beneath his thin sheets and huddled into a corner as he willed himself not to cry. This went on for a few days and he was starting to feel the hunger and thirst setting in as he wondered why his parents hadn't come back. Though he choked a laugh at this. Maybe they decided to seriously abandon him to die. A few more days went by before he no longer found the strength to move, and finally fell back asleep huddled in his bed.

The next time Faustus woke up, he was no longer on his bed, nor his home apparently. All he saw was white and he abruptly sat up with a wince as he wobbled back into his laying position. He had no idea what happened! Did his parents finally come back and kicked him away? He was close to hyperventilating before the doctors arrived in a rush, noticing that his heart rate was off the charts as they worked to calm him down. After long sets of proper explanations, Faustus withdrew to a silent shell. Apparently his parents had been in an accident and he was in the hospital. However he was going to be placed in a foster home soon after he was deemed healthy enough. For the next few days, he spent them huddled under the (
way too clean and white, so white) sheets, just slightly missing the thin sheets he had back home.

Soon enough he got well and as such he landed himself in the foster home. Obviously after knowing the truth that he wasn't a welcomed person in society, he decided to suppress his powers and acted as normal as he could
(knew). But Faustus was a changed boy and he had started to become rebellious, starting fights with people who judged him (Just like how mom and dad did). He wouldn't care about anything (Just stop looking at me with those eyes), as long as he was left to do as he pleased. But due to his bad behavior, he was shifted around different foster homes (Unwanted. Disgusting.) plenty of times. This caused him to lose faith in people, deepening the resentment he had towards people. (No one to trust. No one remains.)

It then came to a point where at the age of 7, nearly all the foster homes didn't want to accept him anymore, all having suffered from his outbursts of anger and incurring much problems and losses from it.
(I don't need anyone!) However it was with luck that (How stupid.) he was on the run from his latest foster home after a brutal fight (It wasn't my fault! They were harmful!) with a bunch of moronic immoral people (Monsters!) when he bumped against a lady who would change his life. Seeing how banged up he was, she gently knelt to a similar level as him as she reached out slowly towards him, as though she knew that going too fast would startle him. He glared at the hand with malice (Don't trust her!) but he stayed still, sprawled on his back while being propped up by his elbows. She seemed nice (They all do!), she felt nice (Lies!) and she certainly wasn't looking at him in disgust or pity (Don't! You'll regret it!). 

Next minute he found himself seated on a high cushioned seat, a deep frown set on his little face as he eyed the lady with distrust the whole while as she treated his wounds and talked the whole while. In a span of less then a few hours, he had already known that she had just set up this new foster home, her favorite colour was purple, her favourite food was baked potatoes and even more. After his wounds were properly dressed, he found that he was already feeling slightly less tensed around her. But all dams really broke when she just stood there, looking at him straight and with that gentle
(L-Lies...) coaxing smile. All he could remember was staring at a heapful of clothing through blurry eyes as he heaved and choked for air, feeling the slow and warm comforting pats on his back and hearing the words he never knew he wanted to hear so badly.

'I see you. Let it out.'

At first he was still a tad bit wary of the lady, but over time he grew attached to her after he was transferred to the foster home she had set up. He started to step up to helping her however a child could help out with then. Which really was to take care of the little kids that's started to come over. Perhaps she had magical powers like he did too, for the children who came to their home never turned out to be like the snotty brats from the ones he had been through before. Regardless, he still kept his abilities a secret, only showing his puppeting skills for the kids, using proper puppets this time round of course, to cheer them up. This peaceful routine continued on and in almost a blink of an eye, Faustus was all grown up with most of his hatred towards people forgotten as new happier memories filled his mind.

He was scouted when he was a teenager, while out with his little kiddos to shop for groceries, by an agent who persisted that he would be an amazing hit in the modeling world. Awkward, since Faustus wasn't too good in dealing with adults yet, he decided to give it a go since he could earn the money to help his 'sister'
(because calling her mother was weird!) with their home. Though his sister only allowed so after she read through every terms and condition and confirming that this wasn't just a scam. He continued with this job until now.

Years passed since then and now he was smooth with handling any types of people (Comes with the job description), his resentful, distrusting and awkward side almost seeming like it never did existed before. One day while on break from a tiring photo-shoot, he was wandering through the streets when his eyes zoomed in on the prettiest hair he's ever met. It was a pretty and unique shade of blue and it almost looked like it glistened in the sunlight
(maybe it did). Quickly, he stalked his way over hastily before reaching out to touch it, weaving his fingers through it (not knowing he was really being a creepy crazy psycho in other people's eyes) in amazement. It was then that he noticed the tattoo at the back of the person's neck before reaching out to brush against it, wondering if it was real.

He let out a yelp and a wheeze when he felt his fingers sting and at the same time he was harshly dragged to a quick corner and slammed against the wall. His brain didn't register the fury yet that he was going to be harmed
(killed) by the other guy. He was far too amazed at what had happened before he quickly pressed his hand against the other guy's skin and finding his fingers stinging yet again with what he think seemed like a frostbite effect. Gaping then, he perked up with a wide smile (He really wasn't alone!) as he practically radiated his excitement.

'Was that magic! Oh god! Did you just freeze my finger!?'

He strangled out the words in a soft excited shout as he stared at his fingers in wonder, at least until the other guy slammed him against the wall again while gritting out his words with fury
(That could've been my fault.). That caused him to get the breath knocked out of him and focusing on the other guy again before his wide grin got back when he heard the guy asking if he was one of them. Quickly he moved to removed his jacket and was about to tug off his shirt when he was knocked unconscious by the other person he now knew as 'Ashy'.

Apparently he was dragged back with Aschidia 
(Like a sack of potatoes... He made me look drunk too! Where did he even get the bottttleeee.) and after figuring out the organizations intent, he gladly joined. It wasn't that he hated humans of course, he loved his sister very much, but he knew in his blood that he loved his own people too. And it always made him happy to think about getting back to where he truly belonged. Afterall, no matter how much he got used to life in the human world, it was merely just adapting. He liked it but he was sure he would prefer to be where he was meant to be and if it meant getting rid of people who would harm his own kind, he would do it.
Bright | Sunny | Active | Dense (To a certain extent) | Troublesome | Child-like

Faux is a generally bright person, always seen to be smiling and in a happy mood throughout the day. You'll rarely see him down or in a frown unless someone purposefully caused him to feel as such. Even then it'd be tough since he's dense enough to not understand the purposeful antagonizing. That or he's pretending that he doesn't understand. It isn't wise to pursue any further to annoy him though. Just because he doesn't retaliate doesn't mean he doesn't know how to. Contrary to his looks, he can usually understand most things pretty quickly, it just depends whether or not he wants to show it to the other party.

He has a rather child-like personality as well, having fun with joking around or even enjoying what kids usually enjoy doing. This was probably influenced from his constant hangout with kids while at the 'home' (and a slight bit because he subsciously realized how much of his childhood was never there). Also, he's seen to be rather sociable, especially around his own people. It's sort of because he wants to catch up with what he missed out but also because he's curious. If he realizes that someone is feeling down, he'll try his best to cheer the other part up in whatever way he can. 

Anyway, you can spot him being energized most of the times, having enough energy to probably run laps around the barn and still be jumping around excitedly soon after. Though this isn't a good thing when he's prone to causing troubles since it just means that he has the stamina to cause endless amounts of problems. Funnily, most of the times he doesn't even know that he's being a disturbance.
AschidiaExists to probably annoy 'Ashy' 
✦ Many things

✧ Fighting
✧ Small places

Additional Information:
✦ He's 178cm tall but leaning to the slender lean side.
✦ While he's now generally a sunny person, he still really doesn't trust people much.
✦ Despite disliking fighting, you're wrong if you assume he is bad at it.
✦ Has the mentality of a kid.
✦ Suffers from Claustrophobia.

Quote: "Are you the key to my heart~?"

Art (c) Me
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